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     Good News:  

              In celebration of poetry month 2013

                               Found Poetry Review presents

                     The Pulitzer Remix


       Click the link above to visit poetry created  by 85 poets 

                       from 85   Pulitzer Prize novels

            My assigned source text was Booth Tarkington's                        1919 Pulitzer Prize winner

"                    "The Magnificent Ambersons"          




              My latest Penury Press Chap Production

                                "We Go to a Fire"  

                                                by Mike Faran


                       and by Cathryn Andresen





              which is a compilation of twenty-three poems,




                                 Ditty bag*

            forty-seven little poems presented in six of my

            "Tiny Books"  - packaged in a tiny handmade

            brown paper sack.          (Penury Press 2011)



            More news:  Poetry in motion  with thanks to  

            Tim Spamoff , Moorpark College Graphics

            Department, and music student Michael Daniels

            for his sexy bass boogie.  Please have a look:         


                                The Bounce Back Boogie


                                                                 Back to work !                   

















                                                                                     © Cathryn Andresen  2009



       Pass the Salt


       feathers and shine     ebony

       fluff      those scrawny bones seem

       barely enough  on

       which to gnaw  to balance

       an error     innocent or

       not    in need of repair     loss

       of face  a humbling

       fate       crow du jour  is

       a weighty plate



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