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            Cathryn Andresen At The Bell Arts Factory                                        October 29, 2006

                           "My first night at the Bell Arts Factory, I heard Cathryn Andresen read a pantoum

               and was mesmerized. That experience, in part, helped me realize some of the potential of

               formal poetry in my own work. Tonight she read a wide range of forms: rhyming, free verse,

               limericks, and kimo, showcasing poems largely forged in local workshops. The mood varied

               from light sexy humor to aching trauma, and she demonstrated a strong commitment to

               vulnerability, insight, and craft."                                                                  

                                                                                                                  Robert Peake          


Hello and Welcome!

This web site is a new place for me, both as poet and webmaster.   It's a work in progress, just

as am I.  I’m interested in relationships nouns - common and proper.  An oriole and a

woman, mathematics and romance, the intersection of two streets and one poet, food and

argument – all great inspiration for poems.  I write in free verse and a wide variety of formal forms.   While some of my poetry has won awards and some have been published in poetry

journals, I most enjoy sharing my poetry and have been fortunate to have been invited to read at several Southern California poetry venues.


My home is in Ventura County, which has a vibrant community of poets.  Their example and encouragement is beyond measure.   I’m a long-time member of some terrific writing workshops,

and for several years I was the sometimes fearless leader of the small but mighty PoemCrafters Guild.  In 2007 and 2008 I had the adventure of shepherding a book from the proposal stage through to publication and sales. “Quintessence – an Anthology”.    Since then, I have had a sculptural piece of poetry,  "SPINE-Paperback Centos"   exhibited  in "The Art of the Book III"   show at the Artists Union Gallery in Ventura, California. (2010), and in 2013 my "Ditty Bag" chapbook was included in the "The Art of the Book IV"  gallery show.

I'm very pleased to have published my first two chapbooks - one in traditional form (2010) ,

and the other a tiny bag filled with six tiny books filled with 47 ditties.  My latest Penury Press publishing project was a chapbook, "We Go to a Fire" for my friend and very fine poet, Mike Faran.

I've had the pleasure of presenting poetry programs for adults, children and  the poetry-resistant. 

In 2012 I published "Poems to Read & Write", a little workbook for young children.

2013 brought an invitation to participate in Found Poetry Review's Pullitzer Remix.  Each of 85 poets was assigned a Pulitzer Prize winning novel and tasked with creating thirty found poems from their source text - one for each day of April.  My assigned novel was  the 1919 winner, "The Magnificent Ambersons"  written by Booth Tarkington.  All the Pulitzer Remix poems appear on the official web site at

      My e-mail address is:   I’d enjoy hearing from you.




           Workshops   &   Conferences  


              VCWC  Fiction/Creative Non Fiction                     2003 – present

              Last Monday   –  Poetry Forms & Technique         2004 – present

              PoemCrafters Guild   –   Host                                 2006 – 2011

              VCWC   Poetry Critique                                          2004 – 2006

               Roe Estep’s  B & N                                               2005 – 2006

               Channel Islands University Slam Poetry               2007   

                      with Paul Flores

               Santa Barbara Writers Poetry Conference            2008

               Moorpark College Poetry Workshop                      2009 - 2010



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