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   Favorite Places

 "The Art of the Book 3"

   Motion Poetry at

          Moorpark College

        Poetix Ventura

        Robert Peake





        Doris Vernon















         The Tiny Books series   presented in  the    ditty bag*                               2011

                      Some little Poems             Diamantes           Double-Dactyls              

               Limericks of Regret            FORM         Some more little Poems   



         human/NATURE       a chapbook                                                                              2010


         Poems to Read & Write     a child's first poetry workbook                                      2012


                                                                     * * *      

       "Quintessence – An Anthology”        VCWC Press                 Editor                      2008 

         We Go to a Fire    chapbook of Mike Faran's poetry                                                     2011


                                                                         * * *   

        Published Poems

          popeman                                                             Naked Knuckle                                  2005 

          Leaves *                                                             Fresh Ink                                           2006

          an untitled tanka                                               In The Spotlight                                 2006

          Fitting Words                                                     Askew                                                2007

          How to Wrap Your Gift *                                  Fresh Ink                                           2007

          Beware the Irritated Woman                             In The Spotlight                                2008

          Mandarin Wok                                  


          Let It Be                                                                            

          Balancing Act                                                     Quintessence – an Anthology           2008

          an untitled tanka *                                   

          How to Paint Yourself Into a Corner *  


          Renovation *                                                      The Write Stuff                               2009

                                                                                     Ventura County Star


          Courage                                                               National Gallery of Writing-           2009                                                                                        Moorpark  CollegeGallery                                              

           A Cog in the Green Sheen Machine                   ASKEW                                           2010

          At the Bengali Buffet                                         Moving In                                       2010          

          I Wish For You    for Katya                                                                            

          Dog Tease                                                            Windows                                         2010         

          The Way We Were                                                                                    

          Pass the Salt                                                   

          Outside the Lines 

          Ascent                                                                 Laura Deng's Blogspot                    2010

          3:15 a.m.                                                              ASKEW                                          2011

          Pass the Salt                                                      A Bird Black as the Sun                   2011

           Hunger - with Michael Faran                           Atlanta Review                                2012                     

          Mortal Coil - with Michael Faran                      Atlanta Review                                2012

           The Old Men at the Zoo                                    Found Poetry Review                      2012

           Aesop's Management Fable                                                                                        2012

           Eat Your Words                                                 Serendipity                                       2012


            Five O'Clock Shadow

            Waking Gem                                                    The Advocate                                    2012


Pulitzer Remix Poems                            Found Poetry Review                        2013 


A Strange Agitation

All You Know

An Obtuse Angle



Cathryn’s Axiom

Damnable Love 

Epi Gram’s Purse

Father’s Earlier Gypsying


Here We Are

I Want to Marry You



Light Sleigh Racing

Lost From Sight

My Theory of Literature

Nitro Man

No Doubt It’s True

No Names Please


Plato’s Kids


Say What?

Seven Five Seven Fives

Such Important Things

Suit of Woe

The Cutter

The Jobbery Rag


         *  contest winners or honors





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